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Dominique Chandler

CEO/Founder of Chandler Financial
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Remain humble, focused and have a business plan. Review your overall plan quarterly and make changes when necessary. Be passionate about your daily work. You will face obstacles and challenges however with faith you can succeed. There will be trial and error, it’s all a test. Never consider your mistakes as failing, it’s a learning experience. Follow the beat of your own drum!

More About Me

Ms. Chandler became an Entrepreneur in the Accounting industry Oct 2014 offering services such as Tax Preparation for Individuals and Businesses, Tax Audit Assistance, Business and Non-Profit Formation, Bookkeeping and Payroll, Grant Writing, and Life Insurance. With nearly a decade of operational and managerial experience in Taxation & Accounting, Ms. Chandler empathetically assists other business leaders set priorities between running the business effectively while she handles the finance and logistics. Ms. Chandler also coaches her clients with managing money and setting the foundation for financial freedom. “In 5 years, I see another location and additional services offered. I plan to expand my empire and leave a legacy for my daughter to manage.”

“When starting a business, it’s always a risk. However, I chose to start my own business to have more spare time and prevent the cap of money I could make. Initially I worked long hours and made less. However, after doing right I was able to master my schedule and work smart. I love the fact that I can work on my own schedule and at my own pace, especially being that I have a 2 year old who requires a lot of attention.”

Dominique Chandler counts as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated in which she is the current Miss Delta Sigma Theta for Florida Memorial’s Zeta Tau chapter. In addition, Ms. Chandler counts as a member of The Links, Incorporated. Dominique is actively serving the community. She continued to give back annually within the community to prepare students for school. She plans to continue to utilize her resources to aid the community.

Apart of Ms. Chandler’s consultations with Business Owners and future Entrepreneurs is offering advice to start a business and the key to running the business effectively.

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